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FPC makes the fuel burn more efficiently hence giving more power per unit volume of fuel being discharged with a much cleaner combustion spaces. How the tag is applied to the product helps determine this, and how the hangtag stringing looks affects the overall presentation to the customer. writing service rates yorkshire These significant reductions in emissions relate to the effect of FPC providing a more complete combustion. Tests were conducted on both new and older engines to represent differing ages as would be expected in a general working environment. What size can my hang tags be?

Or place an order online now. Looking for something unique? Even the simplest project can benefit from quality professional design. professional dissertation writing proposal ppt Sell and promote - advertise your product and brand with your company logo, tag lines and visual branding. Syncing the tag with the packaging, label or any companion tag's look and feel.

Can I see samples of your Hang Tags? Our thanks to the team, it is a pleasure working with everyone. As acknowledged in UWA reports, greater fuel efficiencies can be expected in older engines. purchase a research papers download pdf free Browse through our add-ons including hole drilling, strings, metal grommets and colored reinforcement rings to finalize your order with everything you need for the perfect Hang Tags. Research institutions conclusive evaluations into FPC combustion catalyst performance ….

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Next, consider the design and display elements. FPC may be used in any liquid hydrocarbon fuel. Hang tags can have angled or rounded corners, die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, Soft Touch or UV coating, perforations, scented, Pantone or metallic inks, and many more. Full color, black or PMS on 1 or 2 sides Drill hole included choice of size and location String types and color options 4 standard paper options, custom available Numerous size configurations.

Phosphate rock , superphosphate simple. Direct - emphasize how to get more info or contact you. Yes, we can position it wherever it's needed. If you would like to view these samples in person, you can request the Hang Tag Collection as part of a specialty sample pack order. Jindal Group Of Industries, India.

These three test phases provided evidence that FPC does not change fuel specifications or have any detrimental effect on engine parts and does provide measurable fuel efficiencies. Looking for something unique? We have a variety of colors in both cotton and elastic strings.

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FPC will provide increased power and fuel efficiencies therefore negating these losses. When you can't be there to sell your product, hang tags are the next best thing. college term paper help topics for english literature Choose your desired hole drill size depending on your needs. This led onto a four year comprehensive testing program predominantly funded by the Australian Research Council and the major mining company. Design and Marketing Tips Don't just tag it, brand it!

Sure, we have experienced designers that will work one-on-one with you to create a great hang tag to highlight your product. When you can't be there to sell your product, hang tags are the next best thing. custom writing tips grammarly There have been seen solid reductions in smoke and greenhouse gas emissions also.

Following FPC treatment a 1. Dedicated experts deliver a great experience. pay to do my paper me free Conclusions from this study determined FPC will reduce fuel consumption by 2. If you need hang tags in the shape of your logo, we can do that with ease! Pricing Placement - if you are working with specific retailers, ask about their needs on the tag.

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The carrier for FPC will readily mix in all liquid hydrocarbon fuels. These same studies also reveal that continued FPC use lowers head temperature and increases head and valve life. Coated gloss or matte papers give a smooth, sophisticated look, while uncoated or textured finishes convey a more casual, natural feel. Hard carbon deposits are the reason of many solid maintenance problems. Don't see the hang tag size or other option that you need?

Many other independent tests have quantified the fuel efficiencies provided by FPC. FPC will not harm engine components. Strings - what material, color and length will you use?

A metal grommet can be added on top for added effect, but only with a 0. What about price labels or stamps? So let it all hang out and make your hang tags count. Hang tags are ideal for attracting customers to your clothing line with custom clothing tags, or many other retail products with a premium label attached with string. We know that ideal tags are both eye-catching and functional.

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