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However the profession still appears at times to struggle to base practice and the development of services on research findings. Personal attitudes are just one factor that causes barriers to the implementation of research findings and Parahoo states that attitude is an important variable in research utilisation. example of research proposal presentation ppt If a certain aspect of the ward has been managed in the same way for many years it is often considered ritualistic. They need support in order to relinquish the degree of control they already have in the present situation and support in recognising the reward for the change. Medicine essays Miscellaneous essays Psychology essays Religious studies essays Science essays Sociology essays Essays menu.

McCaffery supports this idea by stating that it is important to work out a thorough going rationale for activities in order for clients and staff to see how they can become an active element in therapeutic work. However much nursing practice still remains rooted in myth Walsh and Ford, Integrating therapeutic activities is an example of evidence based practice and therefore falls within the parameters of clinical governance.

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The autocratic leader, for example, controls their followers, and makes decisions for the group. This would be viewed as a destructive approach as it is usually accompanied by some sense of threat such as loss of job Bassett and Cutcliffe, The need for change was highlighted by the ward sister, when she noted that clients were spending their time either in bed or in front of the television, so the ward sister held a community meeting, which involved clients and staff and discussed which activities would be appropriate to implement onto the unit. Nursing essays on service improvement This model describes the process involved when an innovation is communicated to members of a social system. However a number of other models derived from sociological research attempt to explain events as the process of change unfolds.

McPhail states that the use of moral power, such as shame or guilt, may accomplish some short term compliance with a change, but is likely to be counter productive in the long run. Staff become comfortable with work routines and become increasingly attached to this comfort, which then causes an unwelcome attitude towards the change that may disrupt the security and safety. Nursing essays on service improvement Whereas the internal agent has the advantage of knowing the group and the system. This model describes the process involved when an innovation is communicated to members of a social system.

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With increasing public expectation and limited budgets, quality is an ever-present issue. Lewin states that it is important to know the driving and restraining forces in order to deal with the restraints. thesis help free generator for a research paper This notion therefore leads on to the discussion of change and change theory.

Another barrier to change, cited in McPhail is the lack of forward planning. Newly educated nurses are aware that nursing research is very valuable to nursing because it challenges and tests the effectiveness of the care we give. custom essay writing my friend junior In comparison, the bottom-up approach tends to be based on rationality and logic.

Despite the advantages to EBP, it is not as widespread as one would expect. Lewin introduced the concepts of driving and restraining forces that either help or restrain the change process Lancaster and Lancaster, Clinical governance gives the NHS as a whole and trusts at local level, responsibility to ensure quality of care: The aim of evidence based practice EBP being to help clinicians base their actions on best current evidence.

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A lack of awareness as to the need for change, misunderstanding of the change or a lack of trust between the change agent and staff are barriers found to slow down the progression towards reaching the desired outcomes. On the other hand the democratic leader makes decisions, but also allows the members to be active participants Lancaster and Lancaster, Nursing leaders are ideally positioned to influence these changes and to play a major role in facilitating the changes Brown and Sofarelli, The evidence based change highlighted in this assignment is relatively small, compared to some evidence based practices, such as the implementation of twelve-hour shifts for example, which was implemented on the premise that it would ensure consistency of care and give nurses more leisure time. Nursing essays on service improvement Then go on to discuss barriers to change, the role of change agents and how different management and leadership styles influence the change process.

It suggests that due to the way the group owns the change by following this approach, it is more likely to be accepted and the change sustained. Nursing leaders are ideally positioned to influence these changes and to play a major role in facilitating the changes Brown and Sofarelli, Then the forces holding the change in equilibrium must be worked on by increasing the forces driving the change and minimising those resisting it. Nursing essays on service improvement Once effective systems of practice and professional development, research development, clinical risk and clinical audit have been established, the overall cultural emphasis shifts from reactive, to proactive. About this resource This coursework was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.

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