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For academic writing and shorter pieces, the good old pen and paper. The spell check and quickness comes in handy. i dont want to write my paper sources Is it because of increased efficiency or is it just because of necessity?

In any case you can type, do it. I prefer pen and paper because the process allows you to think. help writing a personal statement drama school social work So frustrated over here…!

I think it looks more professional if you use a computer to write a novel, but then again, I sort of lose touch with my work when I spend my time on it too much. Write for us Do you want to write for Writers' Treasure? Someday people will harken back nostalgically to keyboard and screen the way some of us cherish the easy familiatity of pen and paper.

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Try them all and see whichever you like physically. Nevertheless, I like pen on paper. Professional paper writing vs computer So, to answer your question: Has it lost its respect?

In my opinion it is also very important to feel connected with your work and I like my notebooks to be untidy and at some points are only readable to me, so it really belongs to me. I also find that I can add new ideas, elaborate on more topics and clean up my writing when I start to type up what I have already written down. Professional paper writing vs computer Thank you for reading, and listening between the words.

The computer was preceded by the typewriter, I know. Fingers though…in typing, its up down motion which can be built up easier than swirling motions and quick lines that require more muscles in our hands and fingers to accomplish. Professional paper writing vs computer Footer Sign up for Treasure Trove Email address:

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The basic idea will remain the same. I just find that my inspiration comes easier if I can write wherever I like, versus being stuck at the computer. creative writing websites for students activities Yep, so you choose whichever you can do better. I know that I have become far too dependent on it:

Keep commenting and thanks! Any artificial medium takes away your personality, your inspiration, you are not you. Having nothing to say will oscilate you between the ways you write. term paper writing service law If handwriting was the first way one learned writing and became natural, done without thinking nor effort, then pen on paper is best.

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What does writing mean? Thank you for reading, and listening between the words. ALSO I am part of the younger generation, whom represent and support the use of technology. Professional paper writing vs computer Then use whatever is easier.

I love your comment. Sitting at a computer for long hours besides not being healthy, is boring. Professional paper writing vs computer Over the years, I have found that I can process my thoughts via either medium. The spell check and quickness comes in handy. It also gives a sense of great satisfaction seeing your own handwritten articles on the writing table.

I write poems in Hindi and Urdu, sometimes short stories also. With that being said, creativity started with a pencil and paper. Professional paper writing vs computer The computer is for putting it all together.

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