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After all, the world is filled with BAD writers with degrees! Did you know a red head named Yvonne? Everyone told me that Houston was a city that didn't get affected by this bad economy because they already had their own economy, yet my only interview has come from a very small beach town on the Gulf Coast.

After all, the world is filled with BAD writers with degrees! No one in my family has a salary job, which I hate because my student loans are so burdensome that I'm terrified to default and have them start harassing my dad like they do to me. The current job market sucks, yes, and hopefully we're past the worst of it, but even those careers that "they" called "stable" such as nursing have seen lay offs and people who can't find work.

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I had to take an unpaid internship this semester and I still haven't landed a big-boy job A job that fits one writer, may not fit another and they are looking more and more for the "perfect" fit these days. Why a bank teller? I honestly have no hope anymore. Technical writing services salary They seem to assume that you're either not trying hard enough, don't really want to work, or are just being too picky.

Perhaps I got a bit defensive, feeling vulnerable 'cause I can't find work. Yes I have had to search for a job in the past 2 years, and was in my new position in under a month. Technical writing services salary It's a fairly new program here, but I'm sure it would be offered at any major tech school.

How much time and money would it cost to obtain all these "additional" skills? There's always an element of luck in any kind of success, so you should count your blessings. So I really feel like nothing I do matters. Technical writing services salary Yet it's true that contracting is not for everybody. Keisha in Round Lake, Illinois months ago.

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I'm still pretty young and have only worked at low level, labour type jobs to pay my way through school and stuff. Entry-Level Technical Writer salary. photo editing service dhaka 1219 JB in Scottsdale, Arizona 99 months ago.

Mahdi in Atlanta, Georgia. And does that certificate entail computer knowledge that we need to be more marketable? It is not too tough to get a job without work experience. websites writing essay for you helpful If someone is not getting an interview, look at the resume and cover letter.

I just thought I'd share my story, and be honest about it. I never thought that a year later I would still be jobless. essay editors ivy league costco In fact, they just got applicants for a part-time job cleaning toilets.

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Oh I hate networking too! I ended up getting fired from the job I had I transferred stores from Dallas. If you get job in contract basis in starting stage, Please go and join to gain experience. Technical writing services salary PilotKelson in Dallas, Texas 96 months ago. While tech writing is a unique role that demands great versatility and adaptability, testers, for example, do nothing but testing and they generally make at least as much money as tech writers.

Someday you may want a Master's degree in something else. Want to know what happens after you graduate? Have I had to look for a job in the past 2 years? It is not too tough to get a job without work experience.

You're so right, Sarah. First of all, the comment I made about not speaking english, was not directed at anyone currently on this forum. Technical writing services salary Denise in Fort Campbell, Kentucky months ago. I started as a technical writer back in the s, and I've seen the role evolve, at least in the realm of software development.

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